Character - RAMMFIT

Character - RAMMFIT
Do you have a code of living?
Here’s part of mine.
I hope you find it of value.
💥 Have worthy goals.
Worthy goals, both personal and professional, give meaning to your life.
Goals make life interesting and help you realise that life is short, you’re running out of tomorrows.
Set out to achieve them without violating the rights of others.
💥 Have values and uphold them.
Have integrity.
Your values are important.
Have values and uphold them because they give order, balance and meaning.
They are a checklist of priorities against which you weigh your decisions.
💥 Have a satisfying self image.
An image of self approval is a healthy thing.
Approval from others matters less than self approval.
Be your own hero because no one is coming to save you.
Be humble, confident and be completely unafraid to rock the boat if you need to.
Fear less.
💥 Have inner resources.
Have the courage to stand for your convictions and don’t sell out.
Be more concerned about being right than personal achievements, advancement or being popular.
There is a greater demand for people of good character than at anytime in history.
Think big, encourage others and be open to change.
Imagination, intelligence and persistence are gold mines.
💥 Work productively.
All work and no play is not good for the soul.
Your bodies and your mind need rest and relaxation.
In saying that, being productive is good for mental and physical health.
The opportunity to do good work is a privilege, the ability to do it is priceless.
💥 Serve willingly.
Your rewards will be in direct proportion to your service.
When you give, give.
Don’t expect anything in return and do it without making it known.
Do it because it feels good.
💥 Enjoy the success of others.
When you yourself are successful, you will start to enjoy the success of others.
Successful people enjoy seeing others succeed and helps out where they can.
Win the week!
Win your week.
Stay positive and remember it ain’t wrong to be strong.
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