Control, Channel and Focus Your Aggression - RAMMFIT

Control, Channel and Focus Your Aggression - RAMMFIT

The male sex hormone testosterone is closely associated with aggression in both men AND women. I'm not going to go into the biological and emotional reasons why men become aggressive and the main reason is, I'm not qualified. All I know is, you need to learn how to control, channel and focus your aggression if you want to be successful in any worthwhile endeavour.

There is nothing wrong with aggression if you use it wisely and for the greater good. Controlled aggression is how you overcome fear. The problem is, a lot of us find it difficult to control, especially in our younger years. The reason it may be difficult to control is it's triggered by emotional memories or experiences in the past. I know this because it has happened to me but I found a way you can control, channel and focus that aggression into something positive. Find your purpose.

Controlled, channeled and focused aggression is a marvelous tool to have on your belt. It helps with the fear of silencing your inner critic, the voice inside your head conditioned by your parents, your school teachers and people who didn't know what they're doing, encouraging you to do what they did and play it safe. It helps with building resilience and perseverance. When you feel like giving up and giving in, voluntarily switching on the aggression can change your mindset instantly. You go from being a victim to being on the offensive, finding a way to overcome the adversity, obstacles or situations that stands in your way. Controlled, channeled and focused aggression can invigorate you enough to smash through any block on your path if used correctly.

Aggression can lead you up the wrong path in life which is how many men end up in gangs, prison or worse, dead. Aggression doesn't have to be associated with negative thoughts and actions. Combined with a positive mental attitude, controlled, channeled and focused aggression makes you unbreakable, unstoppable and invincible on any path in any worthwhile endeavour. The key is to always stay true to your purpose, mission and vision for your own life. Use your controlled, channeled and focused aggression to propel yourself further along your path of doing extraordinary things, for the greater good of your family and your community.

Don't let your past define or control you. If you didn't have the best start in life or you think life wasn't fair, remember this. It's not where you come from, what happened to you or who did it. What matters is, you pick yourself up and finish strong living your best life because you're running out of tomorrows. 

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