Cut Your losses Let Wins Run Their Courses - RAMMFIT

Cut Your losses Let Wins Run Their Courses - RAMMFIT

Cutting losses, or as I like to call it "eliminating the dead wood", is important because it allows for a fresh start. It doesn't matter whether you're trading in crypto or you are assessing the liabilities of negative people in your own circle, your job is to cut losses and let wins run their courses.


I am not sure why we all do this, but we tend to hold on to our losses in the hope that things change, the market rebounds, people come to their senses etc etc. I guess it's our COMPASSion coming out.

It could also be the fact that most people are capable of being optimists when it suits them.

The problem with that is, we are letting the weight of it hold us back from living up to our true and fullest potential.

It's not our job to baby sit, carry around grown men and women who don't have the courage, drive and determination to level up and evolve.

That kind of negative energy is taxing on our own mental health to say the least,

It's draining, our masculine, energy.

We simply don't have time to waste on people who have checked out of life.


In crypto trading, holding onto losing positions is a horrible strategy over the long-term, and will without a doubt lead to financial ruin for you in your trading career.

Not only is it a bad thing to hold onto your losses longer than you should, it's also a bad thing to do the same with people masquerading as friends.

If they were your friends, they would be inspired to level up by your own actions. If they were your friends, they would consciously choose to change their negative mindset knowing the damage it can cause to the people around them.

You need to take the emotion out of it and look at situations as they truly are, not as you wished they were.

In crypto, in life and in your own circle.


Are you cutting your losses or are you flogging a dead horse hoping things change?



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