Discipline and Perseverance - RAMMFIT

Discipline and Perseverance - RAMMFIT

Words people don't like to use because it means making sacrifices, a commitment to what they said they were going to do yesterday and suffering and when I say suffering I'm not talking about being physically harmed in any way, although some people carry on like it. I'm talking about suffering the pain of giving up the good for the great. Giving up an ordinary comfortable life to do extraordinary things.

Discipline is the art of starving distractions. It means taking the long road, playing the long game. Discipline is making a commitment and keeping your word, doing what you said you were going to do even when you don't feel like doing it or giving up would be an easier option. Discipline is about seeking mastery of your art or craft, putting in the work over an extended period of time being the best example of your craft you can possibly be.

Perseverance is the art of enduring adversity and the only way to understand what adversity is, is to go through it and experience it. People say you can teach perseverance and resilience, but the problem is, all the knowledge in the world won't make you strong. Your ability to never give up and never give in is a good indicator of how resilient you are and whether or not you can persevere. Most people give up and retreat back into their cave or seek an easier option. Sad but true.

Without discipline and perseverance you'll quit at the first sign of hardship. You need both if you want to succeed in any worthwhile endeavour. Forget motivation. Motivation comes to you, you don't go to it. Professionals are disciplined and know how to persevere. They keep their word and they never give up, never give in or take a backward step.

If you're disciplined and know how to persevere you're unbreakable. You'll achieve anything you set you mind to and with a burning desire to win, even in the face of overwhelming odds, you'll pull off the impossible.

With discipline and perseverance, what you seek is definitely a game you can win.

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