Don't Stand Out to be Different. Stand Out Because You Are - RAMMFIT

Don't Stand Out to be Different. Stand Out Because You Are - RAMMFIT

Why do we as humans try so hard to fit in? The most amazing thing about you and I is, there will never be another one like us. So why do we not celebrate the fact we are so very different?

In today's world, so many people blend in by doing, imitating and copying what other people do. It's like a lot of us are too scared to be original? I don't think being original in anything you do is hard like so many people believe. You were born an original so why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to be original? It should, and it does, come naturally. If you're not being original in anything you do it's because there is a block. You're not letting what comes naturally happen. You're actually trying too hard to be someone or something else.

Creating a brand, a business, a logo or a movement isn't really as hard as people make it out to be. Scaling it is the hard part, being original isn't. If you're not being original with your business or your start up then you're going to find it very hard to stand out from the crowd, especially in over-saturated markets. 

If you find it hard to be original, start by thinking for yourself. Embrace who you are. Find things that make you unique and celebrate them, don't hide them. One example I can give you that makes me unique are the gaps between my teeth. I've often been asked how do I eat and my response is always " what am I comparing it to? I just eat "..... My smile is my trademark because I am always happy and positive so why hide my unique smile?

Specialise in being you. Stop worrying about what people might think or whether or not you will be popular among people who put expectations on you to think and act a certain way. If you're doing what other people expect you to do or you're doing it to fit in, you're not thinking. You're not being original. You're following like sheep follow each other.

Innovate, be original, make your own wave and create your own lane. There are no bullshit rules, there's no traffic and definitely no speed limit.


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