Forget Balance, Seek Fulfillment - RAMMFIT

Forget Balance, Seek Fulfillment - RAMMFIT

Achieving greatness often requires stepping outside our comfort zones and embracing the discomfort that comes with growth. A balanced life can be comfortable, but it doesn’t always lead to greatness. If you truly want to achieve greatness and pull off the extraordinary, you need to forget a balanced lifestyle.

A balanced lifestyle is a myth that keeps people moving towards your next paycheck. You’re being programmed and conditioned to believe that dedicating eight hours a day to work (building someone else’s dreams too mind you), eight hours to rest and relax and eight hours sleep a day is living up to your true and fullest potential. I know this beacause we often had little “tool box talks” on Union construction sites in Brisbane City about this very subject, organised by the Unions of course.

If you want a comfortable, balanced, bland, boring, predictable, average, secure lifestyle, sure, go for it but let me tell you one thing. There’s no such thing as security on this planet.

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