How to Pick the Right Partner - RAMMFIT

How to Pick the Right Partner - RAMMFIT

As a man in his late 40's with wisdom from life experience, I know it's true because I have lived it myself, I often see men in society who still get obsessed with a woman's beauty and the worst part is, they let it manipulate them and before I go deeper into this post let say this.

I was one of those men.

I know what it's like to base the depth of someone's character purely on how attractive they are and let me tell you, I paid the price more than once.

I am no different to any other hot blooded masculine man full of ( controlled ) aggression and sexual energy.

The difference between who I am now though and who I used to be is the fact I woke up to myself and learned one very valuable lesson.

Learn to look deeper and don't be manipulated by a woman's beauty.


If you base the depth of a woman's character by her looks alone then you my friend, are going to be very unhappy and if you don't learn from this, you will end up being a very bitter old man living with regret.

As men, we need to be extremely fussy when it comes to allowing a woman into our life, especially when you have done the difficult work of growing from the inside or you have worked hard to build the life you truly desire.

We need to set extremely high standards that reflect our self worth and self respect because remember at the end of the day, that's your job.

No one's coming to save you and no body cares.

So how do we pick the right partner?

Read on my friend.


You must look deeper into what makes the woman you're interested in tick and more importantly, what has she been doing over the past five to ten years.

Has she been devoting a lot of her time into self improvement or has she been so completely miserable and unhappy with her life that she has to party every weekend.

When I talk about self improvement, I am not talking about career improvement, those two things are very different.

If people spend their time being programmed by their employer then do they really know who they are and are they living life by their own values and standards or are they living their employer's.

Being career focussed is perfectly normal for any man or woman but it's vitally important that we do the difficult work of knowing who we are, what we want and where we are going.

Does she have a set of values and standards and does she stick by them even under mental pressure from outside forces.

In other words, does she live with integrity?


It's also important that she lives life being guided by her own internal compass and not guided by the expectations family, friends and of course society place on her.

Can she think for herself?


 At the end of the day, you want a woman who knows her own self worth and has high standards.

This is what a high value woman is and she is equally looking for a high value man so why can't it be you?

Why should any man be intimidated by a strong feminine woman who has done the difficult work of growing from the inside.

The short answer is they can't be controlled but that doesn't mean she doesn't want a strong male who can lead and protect in her life but remember this, she wants a man worthy of her feminine energy, not some simp soy boy who doesn't know who he is and is too scared to be a warrior in modern day society.


It's not about looks.

Sure, I understand, there needs to be sexual chemistry right but if you base your decision to partner with someone based on this alone, you're in deep shit.

Learn to be patient and dig deeper.

Be curious, ask the right questions and don't be a simp.

In other words don't be agreeable just because you want to get laid, that will bite you on the ass down the track.

Stand up to her and show you have frame.

Don't be needy because co dependency is a huge turn off to a high value woman.

You want her to be drawn to you naturally, not through force of coercion and the same goes with you.

Don't be in a rush, be aloof.

Cool and distant because absence creates attraction.

Let the relationship evolve naturally.

While you doing all the right things and making all the right strategic moves, watch how she reacts because that will tell you everything you need to know.


Always remember the golden rule.

Look deeper into how your prospective partner works and don't let beauty manipulate or blind you.

Make sure your values and standards are aligned and consider their emotional intelligence.


Good luck men, keep winning!


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