Lead, Provide and Protect - RAMMFIT

Lead, Provide and Protect - RAMMFIT

Why do nice guys finish last? Well, because they’re weak, passive, compliant, obedient, agreeable, easy to fool and easy to con. Being nice is exactly what you shouldn’t be and strong, feminine women are completly turned off by weak, compliant, obedient, passive and agreeable yes men. The’re hard wired to be attracted to leaders, providers and protectors. I’m not the one making up the rules as I go, I’m just sharing with you why women find masculine men so attractive.

So it’s about time you thought about giving up trying to compete with other men when it comes to women. Instead of competing, try being magnetic instead. Remember, beautiful women are everywhere. Strong, assertive, mission driven masculine men are not.

Let me show you how you can become magnetic in modern day society.

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