Live Life With a Sense of Urgency - RAMMFIT

Live Life With a Sense of Urgency - RAMMFIT

There is a difference between living life with a sense of urgency and being in a rush. I think we tend to be in too much of a hurry these days without being present and life passes you by. We tend to be in a rush with no definite purpose behind why we're actually in a rush. It's easy to do, especially in this day and age.

Living with a sense of urgency is the mindset of a one percenter. Someone who understands that life is ending one minute at a time, so they live like they're running out of tomorrows. We all are. People who live life with a sense of urgency know that life is too short to spend it blaming, complaining and being negative, so they're out to live their best life, designing and creating their dream life.

Living life with a sense of urgency is how you make shit happen and get shit done. You don't waste time on meaningless conversations and events with uninspired quitters. It's about being organised and driven with a definite purpose, progressively evolving and moving in the direction of your own hopes, dreams, goals and ambitions.

Most of all, living life with a sense of urgency is about doing it today, not putting it off until tomorrow because tomorrow becomes the next day and the next and the next and before long, you've wasted a week. You keep making excuses and you end up getting nothing done, wasting time. It's about making it happen today, filling up your days because like Bon Jovi said, you can sleep when you're dead.

Live life with a sense of urgency. Be deliberate in your actions. Don't wait to start something, don't tell yourself you'll do it when the kids are all grown up or when people around you give you permission. Don't wait for people to do it with you, it's your life and your journey, they have their own. If they get inspired and want to come along for the ride, all well and good but don't wait for people.

Living life with a sense of urgency isn't about rushing anything. It's about making your health and happiness a priority and living your best life, today. 

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