Programme You Own Mind or Your Mind Will Be Programmed For You - RAMMFIT

Programme You Own Mind or Your Mind Will Be Programmed For You - RAMMFIT
The most successful people on the planet programme their own mind which is why they’re able to do what they do.
They are no better than you or I because we all come from the same stock.
We’re all human with the same 24 hours in the day.
On a daily basis, you are being bombarded with messages designed to speak to your subconscious mind.
It’s called repetition and that’s how your programmed to believe something.
It’s called conditioning.
Whether it’s true or not, in time you will believe it.
Do your own research on the subject, I encourage you to.
It’s how children from birth through to 5-6 years old are a product of their environment.
They walk, talk and act like the people around them.
That’s what’s happening to you right now whether you choose to believe it or not.
You are being conditioned to accept a certain message and if you do not accept the conditioning being forced on you, you’re an outcast.
There’s something wrong with you.
The good news is we call all programme our own minds anytime and stop living life through other people's expectations.
Positive self talk is the vital ingredient when it comes to success. Ask any successful person on the planet and they will tell you what they told themselves when they faced setbacks, temporary defeat, failures and mistakes made all the difference.
Believing you are capable and worthy is the hardest part.
Thinking big and taking action makes the average people you surrounded yourself with very uncomfortable, which is the first and hardest roadblock to overcome.
It’s devastating to be confronted with such negativity from " friends ".
The second thing is having absolute faith in your ability to pull it off, making a committed decision to keep going after all the mistakes, failures, setbacks and temporary defeat you experience on the path.
Live with passion and purpose.
You don’t have to live the life you were given.
You are capable of living a life you truly desire.
Programme your own mind because what you truly desire is a game you can win. 

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