Silence Your Inner Critic - RAMMFIT

Silence Your Inner Critic - RAMMFIT

Your inner critic. That negative voice inside your head, conditioned by society, that tells you you're not good enough, you don't have the right, you're not qualified enough, you'll upset people and rock the boat. Its a negative voice that will talk you out of pursuing your own hopes, dreams, goals and ambitions if you let it.

Silencing your inner critic takes guts. It's not an easy thing to do and you won't do it by saying you're going to do it when you feel good. It's something that takes a little time and repetition. It takes discipline and perseverance which is why most people struggle with it. It takes an ability to look at the bigger picture, pushing through what you're feeling at the time because there will be every reason known to man why you should stop and listen to the naysayers telling you you're being an idiot. If you do that you'll just keep repeating old habits which have put you in the situation you're in now.

It doesn't matter level you're playing at, we all have that inner critic that plants a negative seed in our head. The thing is, it's up to you if you want to water it or let it shrivel up and die. By engaging with that negative inner critic, you begin to water that seed that was planted and you begin to believe it. The message starts playing over and over again inside your brain and you believe it.

It doesn't matter what worthwhile endeavour it is, you're going to need to make a committed decision to go against that inner critic because once you do that, it disappears. It cannot handle positivity and those two thoughts cannot exist inside your head at the same time. You will need a burning desire and initiative to push on and move progressively in the direction of your vision. You will need to persevere, eliminated the dead wood ( people who bash your dreams ), focus on where you want to be and the person you want to become. You'll need to starve distractions and feed yourself positive affirmations, playing them over and over again inside your head until you start believing them. It might take ten minutes, it might take a week, everyone is different but the thing a lot of us don't understand is, at anytime we have the power to silence the inner critic by taking action and taking a leap of faith

You don't need to know how you're going to win, achieve or succeed, that will be revealed to you as you begin to take action. Once you start vibrating on a positive level silencing that inner critic, things start moving for you because the universe is responding to your vibration. Once you start looking for or creating your own opportunities a funny thing happens. Those opportunities with present themselves because what you seek is a game you can win. 

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