Silence Your Inner Critic - RAMMFIT

Silence Your Inner Critic - RAMMFIT
Here's something for you to think about.
When I decided to become an independent Kyokushin Karate dojo, the first thing I thought was
"How do I do this"
It was never
"Am I good enough"
"Do I have the right to do it"
"Am I worthy"
"What if people laugh"
"What if people talk about me"
"What will people think"
"What if I fail"
"What if I lose students"
Those things never crossed my mind because I don't give these things power over me and my purpose.
I have conditioned myself to always think positive, to take action because the way is revealed after you show courage, never before.
I have conditioned and programmed my own mind to trust the mental picture I create of the vision I want to bring to reality because remember everything exists twice.
First in the mind, then in reality.
If you can see it in your mind, you can create it in reality.
I silence my inner critic, the voice inside my head that is conditioned by a system that wants you to fit in and be like everyone else.
We all have it, it's just that some of us choose not to listen to it.
I know when to draw a line in the sand, being guided by my own values and principles.
Now the question is, what are you doing to design and build your ideal life or are you just another uninspired quitter that has checked out of life hanging shit on someone else with the courage, drive and determination to make shit happen and get shit done.
I have just shared my story for you to show you the power you have over your own mind.
You're not here to live life through other people's expectations building other people's dreams.
You're here to create and build your own.
You're here to be the best example of a man you can possibly be so in turn you motivate, energise and inspire not only your own family, but your local community.
That's how you change the world, by taking action and walking your walk.
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