The Long Game and the Long Road - RAMMFIT

The Long Game and the Long Road - RAMMFIT

That which grows fast withers just as rapidly. That which grows slowly endures. Josiah Gilbert Holland said it perfectly.

The long game and the long road means having a long term plan and long term goals. Never sacrificing long term gains for short term wins. Sadly in society, too many people want instant success and if they don't get instant results, they give up and chase something easier.

Nobody wants to talk about the long road and the long game because like discipline and perseverance, they're nasty words that people don't like to talk about. It means making sacrifices and suffering. I'm not talking about physically suffering, I'm talking about making sacrifices and starving distractions. Giving up the good for the great.

The road you take to achieve the goals you want to achieve in life is not an easy one. The bigger the plans, the greater the sacrifices, the longer the road. There are never any short cuts, there's always a process and it's important to play every level along the way, especially in business and martial arts. If you're the type of person to always look for the easy road you're actually making life harder for yourself and in some cases, more painful and more expensive. I've seen a lot of people spend years of their life looking for the easy road and they irony is, taking the long road would've been the quicker option for them in the end. If you're not willing to take the long road, It will take much longer to achieve what you set out to achieve, that's if you don't give up.

Time passes anyway. The most successful people on the planet have all played the long game and taken the long road. Take your time but do it with a sense of urgency. Starve distractions. Stay focused on where you want to be, specialize and don't dabble. Master the finer details of your craft and seek mastery. Enjoy what you're doing and the long road will not feel that long because life is short.

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