You Are One Committed Decision From a Totally Different Life - RAMMFIT

You Are One Committed Decision From a Totally Different Life - RAMMFIT

Over the years I have often had conversations with people from all walks of life who don't think they have what it takes to level up, regardless of what level they were playing at. It's amazing the amount of people who " play it safe " but when it comes to doing something extraordinary, they retreat back into their cave. They listen to their inner critic, the one that has been conditioned by society to think and act a certain way. A lot of people don't realize this, but they're one committed decision away from a totally different life. Let me explain in more detail.

Everything you ever desire is one committed decision away from making it it happen. A new life, a change in direction, a new level in your business, a black belt and even a new body. What most people do is talk themselves out of doing it for many reasons but ultimately, it's their own negativity that holds them back. Nothing else.

In life, you need to make a committed decision and do it with a burning desire to achieve and succeed. At 18 I opened my very first Kyokushin Karate dojo. I had no right, I was young and inexperienced, I didn't have any students on the first night and there were a few other martial arts schools in my area. I wanted to do it, I made a committed decision and I made shit happen. It wasn't easy. I was young and wanted to go hang out with my mates, but I wanted to be a martial artist and an instructor more than anything. I've had a break from martial arts here and there but today, I'm onto my third dojo. At one stage I was operating two dojos, training four nights a week in two different locations, taking each and every class of every week. No exceptions.

I started a brand of athleisure wear in 2017. The market was oversaturated and again, I had no right to do it with no qualifications at all in the fashion industry. I knew in my late thirties that I had to get away from the construction industry so I made a committed decision to do it. Here I am today with my own brand, my own website, celebrities wearing it and my very own podcast where I help motivate, energize and inspire men from all walks of life.

You can do anything. If one man's hopes, dreams, goals and ambitions can come true by making a committed decision to do it and move progressively in the direction of his vision, so can yours


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