ARES Leadership Experience

A woman will always assess a man on what he has to offer, even though they may not openly admit it.
It's our job to lead, provide and protect and from the many discussions I've had with a lot of women in recent years in regards to my own online business, It seems obvious that that's what women are hard wired to be attracted to.
A leader, a provider and a protector.
A mission driven, masculine man who knows who he is, what he wants and where he is going.
If a man can't offer that, in some form, he'll dwell at the bottom of the pile competing with other uninspired quitters who have checked out of life.
Attract, don't compete.
Be mission driven and you will be magnetic.
Here at the ARES Leadership Experience, The AGOGE will be a three-day education and training program, designed to help you evolve and transform you into the man you were destined to be living up to your true and fullest potential.
Learning to be a better leader, provider and protector, you will fine tune your life skills and learn new ones, being mentored over three days by men and women who share wisdom from life experience. No shallow life coaches with no depth, only mentors who have lived it themselves.
We guarantee that by the end of the three day ARES Leadership Experience, you will not only be a better leader, provider and protector, but you will have built your own code of living and you'll know who you are, what you want and where you're going.

You'll be a strong, assertive, mission driven masculine Omega.
A man who has taken full control of his own mind.
You'll stop drifting from one distraction to the next in hypnotic rhythm and start living with definiteness of purpose.
ETA - MID 2025