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Don't Compete; Attract - RAMMFIT

In this world if you want to stand out you need to be courageous enough to be extraordinary, extra ordinary.If you’re ordinary, you blend in, and you’ll compete.There are so many men out there who complain they can’t get a high value woman yet do ...

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The Art of Detachment - RAMMFIT

I often speak to men about loss and grief, overcoming breakups and breakdowns, and the one thing that keeps us miserable, anxious and angry is holding on to the past and not letting go.I completely understand what it's like holding on to the hurt ...

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Shedding the Victim Mentality - Mr RAMMFIT

The victim mentality is a state of mind in which individuals perceive themselves as helpless and powerless, believing that external circumstances or other people are responsible for their problems and hardships.This mindset can be limiting, hinder...

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A Blueprint for Warriorship - Mr RAMMFIT

In modern society, being a warrior does not necessarily involve physical combat or violence.Instead, it emphasises personal growth, leadership, and making positive contributions to the world.Being a warrior means embodying qualities such as courag...

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Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility - Mr RAMMFIT

Taking ownership, accountability, and responsibility in one's own life means recognising that you have complete control over your actions, decisions, and outcomes.You understand that no one is coming to save you because your happiness, health, wea...

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Pessimism - Mr RAMMFIT

Pessimism is a negative mental attitude and the interesting part about pessimists is, they only attack worthy targets.They don't waste their time on other pessimists. In a moment I will show how you can deal with pessimists so you can start living...

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