What is RAMMFIT ?


All about mindset

RAMMFIT is a code of living, a mindset and an attitude. A dedicated brand for the empowerment and progression of men.

Our coat of arms, born out of a will to win in the face of overwhelming odds, is a ram's head surrounded by a wreath. The ram represents bold action, fearlessness and assertiveness. It represents loyalty, independence and self reliance. The wreath represents the mindset needed to win, achieve and succeed. It also represents discipline, perseverance and a burning desire to pull off the impossible.

The only brand on the planet that represents the spirit of discipline and perseverance, our mission is to motivate, energize and inspire mission driven, masculine men to live up to their true and fullest potential.
We do that with our products and services including our men's wear, a constant reminder of how far you’ve come and that giving up, giving in or taking a backward step is never an option.

We feel your frustrations. We were sick of the inner critic and living life through other people’s expectations, building other people’s dreams. We decided to build a brand that would help motivate, energize and inspire big thinking go getters like you because what you seek is a game you can win. If one man’s hopes, dreams, goals and ambitions can come true with discipline, perseverance, persistence and a burning desire to achieve and succeed, so can yours.

What you seek is a game you can win if you're willing to give up the dabblers mindset, starve distractions and play the long game.


Lead by example

We decided to lead by example and share our wisdom from life experience with a podcast and blog dedicated to the empowerment and progression of mission driven, masculine men. We’ve had our mettle tested and we want to help you because we’ve been there. We only talk about what we know is true because we have lived it ourselves and we want to help you overcome those challenges, speed bumps on the road to triumph and victory.

We don’t treat you like a customer. Our point of difference is we treat you like a hero on a journey because we’re all hero’s navigating without a map, in a life we’ve never lived before. At RAMMFIT Athleisure, you’re a respected insider with courage and determination. A respected insider who dares to do extraordinary things.

We want to empower you on your journey. We want to show you how to silence your inner critic, expand and stretch your limits and live with a zero tolerance policy on negativity because what you seek is a game you can win.