It ain't wrong to be strong

A dedicated podcast for the empowerment and progression of men from all walks of life. Be motivated, energised and inspired to stop drifting from one distraction to the next and start living with definiteness of purpose. Sharing wisdom from life experience to help you win, achieve and succeed. We know it's true because we have lived it and experienced it ouselves.

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Personally I wish I could recommend RAMMFIT more! From the very first order of just a couple of shirts to see how they shaped up in size, fit, and quality of material…to ordering the entire collection because they are so bloody great!

Ashley, Brisbane.

Highly recommend. He's got a message, he's on a mission, and he has sensational products.

Mark, Brisbane.

I can vouch for the gear. Very comfortable. More importantly, the principles of RAMMFIT are great to follow.

Jeff, Melbourne

Great name for a podcast, love that they are short n sweet and don't drag on for hours. I shared them with my teen son.

Elke, Sydney

Lived experience is the best experience to share with others. I listen to your podcast when I need a little boost in my day. Then I put on my big girl pants and smash out my day!

Mia, Brisbane

Enjoyed that podcast, Rob. Very wise advice. Schools throughout Australia would be doing their students a favour if they invite you to speak to their students. Well done.

Jeff, Melbourne.

I never knew I needed a Bellator Pro until I got one. Best product ever!

Ash, Cairns

It's hard to maintain values and principles, I often fail, but I carry on, it's not about me, but making my bloodline proud. Your podcast is brilliant, thank you.

Substack Subscriber

It Ain't Wrong to be Strong. I love that, more men need to speak up with raw intentions. The social media world has become polorised with things that don't matter.

Becca, Brisbane


To help motivate, energise and inspire men from all walks of life to live up their true and fullest potential, making their bloodline proud.