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Want to join the exclusive ranks of being a RAMMFIT Ambassador?

The new RAMM FIT Ambassador Program is capped and exclusive. We don’t follow the rest and “followings” mean little in terms of where you stand within our crew.
We don't want shallow influencers prostituting themselves out to anyone who will give them a handout.
We're looking for depth.

Why us? What makes us different?
We are completely unique in the menswear industry.
We're not for everyone, and just like established brands like Lorna Jane, we're not inclusive and that's ok.
We target a specific mindset in men, not demographics.
We're all about the way you think and whether or not you have built your own code of living.
If you know who you are, what you want and where you're going, we are the brand for you.

Our point of difference is we are the only brand of men's wear on the planet that represents the spirit of discipline and perseverance.
Our quality men's wear is a constant reminder of how far we've come and that giving up, giving in and taking a backward step is never an option.
We want to motivate, energise and inspire big thinking action taking men to live up to their true and fullest potential.

We want to help motivate, energise and inspire the next generation of leaders ready to make their bloodline proud.

We're not your average brand, we've done the difficult work of building a solid foundation and if you haven't already noticed how, we're happy to talk to you more about it in person.

We look for more to gauge your value!
We are looking for quality not quantity, role models our community of high achievers and high performers can look up to and be inspired by on their journey.
You will be a man of value, a man of integrity and someone who knows who they are, what they want and where they're going.
We don't care about followers, we care about engagements more.
Don't have a huge following, that suits us as we love a quiet achiever flying under the radar even more.

We have introduced a reward system with ever-increasing perks and prestige within our company.
Like any respected crew; the more you put in, the more we will look after you.

If you think you have what it takes to join our team, please complete the form on this page.

Alternatively, you can send an email with your name, age, location, rates, social media handles and a little bit about yourself, your vision and what makes you the right person to join our team to:


Our Ambassadors and Athletes

Diego De Vera

We are excited to announce that the legendary Diego De Vera has joined forces with RAMM FIT Athleisure as an official ambassador.

Diego is the founder of the Mighty KO ZONE USA, which recently changed it’s name to Real World KO ZONE. Real World KO ZONE has been operating since 2005 and has been a place where world class coaches and athletes have been training ever since.

Diego is a former Argentinian boxing champion, Tae Kwon Do world champion and Muay Thai world champion.

He has spent nearly two decades building his beloved KO ZONE in Miami, Florida, and also spends his time working as a shooting instructor with the Miami Police Department as well as lead guitarist with the band Fight2Death.

We are so grateful for the encouragement and advice Diego has given us, his time for being a guest on previous podcast series' and agreeing to come on board as RAMM FIT Ambassador.

He is such a cool guy and we encourage you to click on the links below to follow and engage with the legendary Diego De Vera on his journey.


KO Zone Instagram

Diego De Vera Instagram