Ownership, accountability and Responsibility - RAMMFIT

Ownership, accountability and Responsibility - RAMMFIT

Taking ownership, accountability, and responsibility in one's own life means recognizing that you have control over your actions, decisions, and outcomes.

It involves accepting the consequences of your choices, being proactive in making positive changes, and acknowledging that you alone are responsible for your own happiness and well-being.

I am absolutely at a loss for words to explain why or even comprehend for myself why so many people either think this is offensive and hate speech or that it’s not their responsibility to take ownership, responsibility and accountability.

Yes, I’ve had my content taken down on Instagram because I have been pushing the ownership, accountability and responsibility mindset.

Here's a breakdown of each aspect and why it’s important that you embrace ownership, accountability and responsibility in your own life as well as motivating, energising and inspiring the people around you to do the same:

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